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For information regarding payment of taxes, amounts owed and interest charges, visit the Tax Office in Old Orchard Beach Town Hall or call 934-5714 ext. 1531.

For information regarding valuation of property and ownership information, visit the Assessor’s Office in Old Orchard Beach Town Hall or call the Assessor’s office at 934-5714 ext.1514.

To submit an address change or correction you will need to present to the Assessor’s office a signed, written statement of the necessary changes. E-mail updates are accepted.

The tax rate, which is set once a year by the Town Council, cannot be appealed. Your valuation, which is set by the Assessor, can be appealed by following the appeal procedure.

Pursuant to state statute tax appeals must be filed in writing with the Tax Assessor within 185 days of the commitment of the taxes. Tax appeals must be based upon a claim of over valuation of the property not upon the amount of the tax bill. A taxpayer may only appeal the current assessed value stated on the tax bill. The Application for Abatement of Property Taxes is here.

When market value changes, naturally so does assessed value. For instance, if you were to add a garage to your home, the assessed value would increase. However, if your property is in poor repair, the assessed value would decrease.

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Business Licensing

A year-round rental is one that is properly insulated and equipped to sustain occupancy throughout the year.

A seasonal rental, means any rental unit, including hotels, motels, cabins, condominiums, single-family homes, duplexes or multifamily dwellings which are rented or available to be rented only during the period March 1st to December 1st. (A seasonal rental does not reflect the number of renters you may have during the summer season).

The Code Enforcement Officer will look for life safety issues and code compliance, such as smoke detectors, proper egress, electrical and plumbing installations. The most common problem facing renters is egress windows. Each sleeping room in the rental property requires one egress window. An egress window is a window that has a certain square footage of open area to allow an emergency responder into or out of the building. If you have concerns whether your windows are egress compliant, you can download our egress window handout on the main licensing page or give us a call!

Personal Property Tax is tax on the equipment pertaining to the business such as appliances in a rental unit. The Assessors Department sends out Personal Property Tax bills in August which covers from July 1st of the current year to June 30th of the next year. If your Personal Property Tax bill is unpaid at the time the business application is submitted, or upon renewal, the business license cannot be granted or renewed. Any questions regarding how Personal Property Tax is computed should be directed to the Assessors Department in Town Hall.

Business licenses are divided into two separate groups according to their Map Block Lot number which is attached to the property and each group has two year cycles. All businesses on properties with Map Block Lot numbers up to 305-4-4 are renewed, once licensed, in the even numbered years. All businesses on properties with Map Block Lot numbers 305-4-4 and above are renewed, once licensed, in the odd number years. If the Licensing Department does not receive the renewal fees, either in the office or post marked by April 30th of the year it is due, the licensee will be required to begin the licensing process over, which includes a new application, fees and inspection. Getting your renewal in early or on time eliminates unnecessary inconveniences for your business. Watch for your renewal in the mail come January / February.

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J-1 Businesses

We are happy to post your job openings under the J-1 Resource Guide for J-1 International Students on our website. To fill out a form with the details of your job opening(s), click here.

As a seasonal rental licensee with a property in Old Orchard Beach that has been inspected and approved, you are eligible to rent seasonally to J-1 international students. Each year there is an influx of J-1 international students who need to secure local seasonal housing, typically from mid-June through mid-September. If you are a business owner with an updated temporary seasonal housing business license who would like to advertise your seasonal rental to J-1 international students on our website, please click here.

At the end of a successful and memorable summer with your J-1 students, offer to help them to prepare to go back home. Before they leave there will be a few important tasks to complete. To learn more, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/j1-business-resources/preparing-for-your-students-departure/

Encourage your J-1 students to enjoy and learn about the area during their time off. Their J-1 Work & Travel experience is truly intended to be a cross-cultural experience with a work component. The “cross-cultural” component is an essential part of the program. Here are some fun ideas for promoting cultural immersion in and around our community: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/50-fun-things/

While your J-1 students are here they will likely have an interest in getting a second job. Although their first priority is always to you as their primary employer, it is certainly okay for J-1 students to get another job as long as it does not conflict with the primary work schedule given to them. For more information regarding this topic, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/j1-business-resources/once-your-students-arrive/

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J-1 Students

If you require medical attention because you are sick or injured while in the Old Orchard Beach area, our local hospitals and clinics have medical staff that can help you. If you seek medical care while in the U.S. or have a medical emergency, you will be asked to provide your medical insurance information. Always carry this information with you. In addition, notify your sponsor of your medical care as soon as possible. For more information on this topic, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/hospitals-walk-in-clinics/

Maine’s current minimum wage is $13.80 per hour. In 2024 Maine’s minimum wage will be $15.00 per hour. Your employer, by law, should be paying you either once a week or once every two weeks (bi-weekly). You should never have to wait more than two weeks between pay periods to receive a paycheck.

Each year in late June we host a J-1 Orientation, just for you! This orientation is very beneficial and provides you with so many local resources to help you get settled in our community as quickly as possible. For more information on this topic, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/j1-events/

To learn more about renting or buying a bike while in Old Orchard Beach, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/transit/

The Biddeford Saco Old Orchard Beach Transit Company (BSOOBT) is going to be your best resource for traveling distances in our local communities. If you know you will be traveling regularly by bus, consider purchasing the Dirigo Pass, which is a pre-loaded pass that you fund by using a debit or credit card. Each time you travel on the bus you scan your card and fares are deducted. For more information on purchasing a Dirigo Pass, visit: https://dirigopass.org

For bus and trolley routes, schedules and other detailed information about BSOOB Transit, visit: https://bsoobtransit.org

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Planning Department

This could be classified as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) which requires review as a Conditional Use by the Planning Board. Please click on the link above for five conditions that your proposal must be to be classified as an ADU. As always, please contact Planning Staff with any questions and to see if your proposal qualifies.

When a project is brought before the Planning Board and it requires a site walk and public hearing, you as an abutter will be notified. The Notice of Public Hearing includes the date, time and place, as well as the development proposal that will be the subject of the Public Hearing. Prior to the meeting, you are welcome to review the materials that have been submitted to the Planning Department. They may include a survey, plans, soils information, stormwater drainage plans, erosion control measures, etc. You are welcome to submit a letter to the Planning Board (email it, send it or drop it off to the Planning Office prior to the meeting) that explains any of your concerns about the development that is proposed. And, of course, you will have an opportunity to speak at the public hearing to voice your concerns.  

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Police Department

Yes. Many projects proposed in our downtown districts require review by the Design Review committee. There are seven design review performance standards that may or may not apply to your proposal. For more information on the DRC process and to find out if your project requires review, please contact planning staff. 

Yes. This could be considered a home occupation, which is classified as a conditional use by the Zoning Ordinance (§78-1267). Home occupations require review by the Planning Board as a conditional use (§78-1238). This process includes a public hearing and site walk and typically takes three months, but may take longer depending on the complexity of your proposal.

Please contact the Planning Department for more information and to obtain a Conditional Use application.

You may obtain a permit to move an uninspected motor vehicle from the police department.  A 1-day permit may be issued to you to move an uninspected motor vehicle to an inspection station only.  When you come to the station, please have your license, registration, and insurance card.

Requests for criminal/driving records must be directed to:

State Bureau of Identification
Maine State Police
36 Hospital Street
Augusta, ME 04330

When you experience a power outage in your home, please contact Central Maine Power.  The Old Orchard Beach Police Department is unable to provide assistance as to when the power will be restored.

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Public Works

The Town is not responsible for maintaining private property, such as removing downed tree limbs or brush.  This is the responsibility of the homeowner.  The Town is responsible to maintain public roads, infrastructure, and public rights of way.  Residents are allowed to dump limbs no larger than 6” in diameter and up to 4’ long, brush and leaves at the Transfer Station off Dirigo Drive Extension.  The hours of operation are Saturday and Wednesday 7:30 am – 2:30 pm – closed from noon – 1:00 pm.

You should call the Public Works Department at (207) 934-2250 during office hours and the Police Department after hours at (207) 934-4911.  We will go on-site immediately to assist you.

The Public Works Department does not handle the towns water billing or any water related problems. You should call Maine Water at (207) 282-1543. You can also visit their website.

You should call BBI Waste Industries at (207) 934-2525. The Public Works Department does not collect trash/recycling.

Open Wednesdays from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm; and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Closed from 12:00 – 1:00 pm for lunch both days. Closed All Federal Holidays.

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Tax Collector

Only within one month is allowed.

If you are moving from one town to another within Maine, you have 10 days to change your address on your registration and or license.

If you are coming from out-of-state to Maine, you have 30 days to change your registration and or license.

Necessary documents are required to show proof of address. For example: Utility Bills, Lease Agreement, License, Insurance Policy, etc;

No, you will have to visit Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

No, unless they have Power of Attorney.

Cash, Checks & Debit cards only.

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Voter Registration

Please visit the Secretary of State’s website to download the forms necessary to obtain data from CVR.

If you are 17 and will be 18 by the November election, you may vote for candidates in the State Primary Election in June of each even-numbered year.  You must enroll in a party in order to vote for a candidate on the State ballot.

The polls open at 8:00 am and remain open until 8:00 pm.

The Town Clerk’s office holds the absentee ballots until the Saturday before Election Day when they are opened, run through the machines and counted like all the other voted ballots.

You may call or write the Town Clerk’s office, and we will mail the ballot to your school address, or an immediate family member may request in writing that we mail you a ballot at school.  Parents visiting you may also request your ballot in writing and bring it to you.  Send it back with your parents after you have voted and have them return it to us, or you may put two stamps on the envelope and return the ballot by mail.

You may also download an application and mail or fax it to us at (207) 934-7967.  Applications are available 90 days before the election.  Please visit the Secretary of State’s website to request a ballot through the Secretary of State’s Electronic Absentee Ballot Request Service.  It will be received by the Old Orchard Beach Town Clerk’s Office and we will send you your ballot at the address requested.

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