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Preparing For Your Students’ Departure

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At the end of a successful and memorable summer with your J-1 students, offer to help them to prepare to go back home. Before they leave there will be few important tasks to complete:


  • Make sure you and your J1 students know the exact date for the completion of their J1 Visa Work & Travel experience. This date can be found on each students’ DS-2019 form. J1 students are not allowed to work in the U.S. past the date on their DS-2019 forms. Once a J1 student has reached their work end date, they are allowed to travel before returning to their home countries. Typically, their return dates will coincide with the time they begin college.
  • Remind your J1 students to check on the status of their health insurance coverage before they leave. Often when a J1 student’s work experience concludes, their insurance can end. Typically, J1 students will travel for a short period of time in the U.S. after their work contract has ended. For a nominal fee, J1 students can extend their insurance while in the states. Please encourage them to speak with their Sponsor Organization to extend their insurance coverage.
  • Obtain your J-1 students’ home country addresses so you can mail W-2s.
  • Provide your phone number and email address in case your J-1 students need to communicate with you after they have gone home.
  • Remind your J-1 students to ask their landlord about returning their security deposit for housing. Explain that a landlord will typically inspect the housing first to make sure it is in good condition.
  • Let your J-1 students know when and how they can expect to receive their final paycheck(s).
  • Remind your students to close their U.S. bank account if they will no longer be using the account(s). Encourage them to ask the bank about the safest ways to protect their money after removing it from the bank before going home.
  • When possible, help your J-1 students to confirm their travel plans and offer to bring them to the bus station, train station or airport.