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Design Review Board

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Duties & Responsibilities:

The DRC is responsible for conserving the cultural and architectural heritage of the Downtown and Historical Preservation Districts.  This committee plays an important role in downtown aesthetic improvements in Old Orchard Beach.  Meetings involve reviewing proposals with developers and architects to ensure that new construction and redevelopment in the Downtown and Historic Districts meet the Ordinance design standards in relation to: Mass and Scale, Building Height. Roof Lines, Window Placement, Façade Materials, Architectural Details, and Fences/Railings/Steps).  The DRC meets on a monthly basis or as needed based on submitted applications.  All members and alternates are appointed for a term of two years.

Board Members
Name Title Term
Don Comoletti Chair 12/31/2025
Francis Manduca Member 12/31/2024
Gary Luca Member 12/31/2024
Kim Schwickrath Member 12/31/2025
Richard Pelletier Member 12/31/2025
Vacancy One 1st Alternate 12/31/2023
Vacancy Two 2nd Alternate 12/31/2006
Staff Contacts
Name Title Phone
Jeffrey Hinderliter Town Planner Staff Contact (207) 937-5617
Michael Foster Assistant Planner Staff Contact (207) 937-5636