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Recycling Committee

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Old Orchard Beach recycles and we hope you will too.  Your efforts will help us to continue to make Old Orchard Beach and the State of Maine a beautiful place to visit.

Old Orchard Beach recycles year round.  Not just full time residents but our visitors, like you, are encouraged to recycle as opposed to disposing of materials in an effort to help our environment as well as our community.

Old Orchard Beach participates in single sort recycling.  This means that you do not need to sort these items into different containers but simply keep it separated from your trash.  One recycling container is all you need.  It’s easy! You don’t need to tear off labels or make it spotlessly clean.  A quick swish is all you need to make it clean.

Every little bit helps!  We should all do our part to reduce waste and increase recycling for everyone’s future.

Board Members
Name Title Term
Vacancy Five Vice-Chair 06/30/2013
Vacancy Four Secretary 06/30/2013
Vacancy One Member 06/30/2012
Vacancy Three Member 06/30/2013
Vacancy Two Member 06/30/2013