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Mission Statement:

The mission for the Old Orchard Beach Community Animal Watch Committee is to create an environment in Old Orchard Beach that will help establish humane practices for protecting the health and welfare of abandoned or homeless domesticated animals within the town.


  1. To recruit a wide range of animal supporters who are committed to our Mission Statement.
  2. To set up organizational liaisons with existing town agencies and committees [Police, Animal Control, and Town Council members] supporting the committee’s work with personnel and finances [where practicable] to achieve the committee’s goals.
  3. To coordinate our efforts with “Feral Felines” to develop a town “Feral Feline” program.
  4. To set up a “Regional Network” to establish and maintain a centralized method to advertise, contribute and obtain information relevant to all animals in need. 
Committee Members
Name Title Term
Charlie Backus Member 12/31/2023
Debbie Anischik Member 12/31/2022
Peggy Bayles Member 12/31/2022
Vacancy Three Alternate 12/31/2015
Vacancy Two Alternate 12/31/2015