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Recycling Committee Ordinance

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Division 2. Recycling Committee

*Cross References: Boards, committees, commissions, § 2-206 et seq.

Sec. 46-186.  Purpose.

This division establishes that the recycling committee, whose purpose and function, with or without a recycling coordinator, will be to serve as an advisory committee. The committee should also:

  1. Know and understand the needs and wishes of the community;
  2. Plan and promote waste reduction, recycling, composting and environmental awareness;
  3. Coordinate activities with other environmentally related groups within the community;
  4. Promote citizen participation; and
  5. Communicate plans and activities to the recycling coordinator, town manager and town council.

(Ord. of 6-20-1995, § 2)

Sec. 46-187.  Organization and appointment.

  1. The recycling committee shall be comprised of a minimum of three members, whose terms shall be staggered and shall expire on June 30 of the appropriate year. Each member shall be appointed for a term of three years.
  2. Any vacancy on the committee shall be filled for the remainder to the term vacated. All members shall be appointed by the town council.

(Ord. of 6-20-1995, § 3)

Sec. 46-188.  Responsibilities.

  1. The recycling committee shall elect from its membership a chair, vice-chair and a secretary. It shall be the responsibility of the chair to arrange meeting dates, provide the agenda for the meeting and be responsible for notifying the town manager’s secretary of the agenda for publication.
  2. Pursuant to the town Charter, minutes of all meetings shall be filed in the office of the town clerk within 30 days after a meeting is held.
  3. The committee shall be responsible for recordkeeping of documents relevant to any project.
  4. In addition, the recycling committee may perform functions as may be required for recycling as the town council may assign from time to time, provided that such duties fall within the scope of recycling activity.

(Ord. of 6-20-1995, § 5)

Sec. 46-189.  Handling of funds, expenses and revenue.

  1. The handling of funds, expenses and revenue by the recycling committee shall be consistent with the town’s rules, policies and ordinances.

(Ord. of 6-20-1995, § 6)