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Hiring J-1 Students

Through The J-1 Visa Summer Work & Travel Program:

Have you thought about hiring J-1 international students to compliment your staff during the summer season? Do you need help getting started or want to become more knowledgeable about the intricacies of the J-1 Visa Summer Work & Travel program and being a Host Employer? Have you ever thought about the value of adding a cultural exchange component to your business and staff?


The content herein will assist you in understanding how to establish a positive, mutually beneficial and enriching partnership with J-1 international students. In addition, you can always reach out to our town’s J-1 Coordinator to discuss any topic surrounding J-1 international students and the J-1 Visa Summer Work & Travel program. To set up an appointment to speak with the J-1 Coordinator, please contact:


Kim Verreault – J-1 Coordinator – Town of Old Orchard Beach

Phone: (207)-590-7742

Email: kverreault@oobmaine.com