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Preparing To Go Home

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After a successful and memorable summer in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, U.S.A., it’s almost time to go back home (we will miss you). Before you leave there will be a few important tasks to complete that you should add to your “to do” list.


  • Provide your employer with your address in your home country so they can mail your W-2s to you when the W-2s are available.
  • Get your employers phone number and email address in case you need to reach them after you go home.
  • If you gave your landlord a security deposit for your housing when you arrived, after your landlord inspects your housing and tells you everything looks good, ask for your security deposit back.
  • Ask your employer when you can expect to receive your final paycheck.
  • Close your U.S. bank account if you will no longer be using it. Ask your bank about the safest ways to protect your money after removing it from the bank before you go home.
  • Confirm your travel plans and make sure you have all of your travel documents with you before you leave.