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J-1 Student Orientation

Each year in late June we host a J-1 Orientation (often held at the Salvation Army), just for you! This orientation is very beneficial and provides you with so many local resources to help you get settled in our community as quickly as possible. The orientation also gives you a chance to meet other J-1 students from around the world in a casual and fun setting with food, drinks and lots of giveaways.


During the J-1 Orientation, you can expect to meet representatives from the following organizations:

OOB Fire & Rescue (home safety), Police Department (bike safety), Social Security Office (applying for your Social Security card), Chamber of Commerce (area information), Libby Memorial Library (library cards and learning about our library), banks (establishing a bank account), Amtrak Downeaster (train information), BSOOB Transit (bus and trolley information), U.S. Cellular (pre-paid U.S. phones), Town Manager’s Office (meet your local J-1 Coordinator), sponsors (meet your area sponsors) and more.


The 2023 J-1 Orientation was held on June 22, 2023 at the Salvation Army on 2 Sixth Street in Old Orchard Beach. We are gracious to the Salvation Army for their hospitality and generosity in providing the site for this important event.


*Be on the lookout for the 2024 J-1 Orientation information and mark your calendars!

Exchange Day

Formerly known as J Day, Exchange Day occurs annually throughout the U.S. in early August. Exchange Day is a chance for J-1 Summer Work & Travel participants, sponsors and members of host communities to gather in a fun setting, eat, play, share cultural experiences, and “give back” to communities through volunteer efforts.


This year’s local Exchange Day was held on Monday, August 7, 2023 from 2-5 pm, in front of the Brunswick at Old Orchard Beach. J1 Students from around New England experienced a fun-filled and memorable afternoon.