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Before You Arrive

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First, congratulations on your Summer Work & Travel placement in the Old Orchard Beach area! You are fortunate that you will be working and playing in a bustling beachfront tourist town in the beautiful state of Maine, filled with opportunities to make lasting memories. You will be sharing similar experiences with over 500 J-1 international students from around the world!

Preparing For Your Arrival

Look For Housing

Your housing is an important part of your experience while here in the Old Orchard Beach area. Months before you arrive, make sure you talk to your sponsor and/or employer to discuss your housing options. Your employer will be your best resource for finding housing before you arrive. Some employers have their own rentals available while others will help you secure other kinds of housing. Depending on what is available, you can expect to rent one of the following: apartment, cabin, trailer, motel room, condo, town house or a room in a home. These types of housing are often shared, rent prices are arranged with the owner of the rental and rent is typically paid on a weekly basis. Please take good care of your rental while you are living in it and follow smart home safety practices.


*All J-1 housing in Old Orchard Beach should be licensed, inspected and approved by the town’s code enforcement department.

Stay In Regular Contact With Your Sponsor

Your sponsor will be your most valuable connection before you arrive. They will be able to help you to understand the important tasks you must complete before beginning your Summer Work & Travel experience begins. These tasks may include paying your SEVIS fee, applying for your visa, making your travel arrangements and presenting your documents at a U.S. port of entry. Your sponsor will also help you with housing, provide vaccination information, discuss establishing your insurance, help you to understand your program expenses, and much more.

Communicate With Your Employer

Your employer will be an important point of contact before you arrive. Some topics for discussion may include:


  • Learning about your job responsibilities
  • Duration of employment
  • Expected rate of pay and the number of hours you will be working per week
  • Housing options
  • Your arrival date
  • Transportation arrangements for your arrival date
  • Hearing more about the Old Orchard Beach area