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Preparing For Your Students’ Arrival

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Congratulations on hiring J-1 international students through the Summer Work & Travel program! You are fortunate to be employing J-1 students from around the world. What a great opportunity to learn about other cultures, enhance your staff and establish lasting bonds. Locally, you and your J-1 students will be sharing similar experiences with many other business owners and over 500 J-1 international students from around the world!

1)  Assist Your J-1 Students In Finding Housing
Assisting your J-1 student in securing housing is one of the most critical parts of the program and many Sponsoring Organizations are now requiring that J-1 students secure housing as part of the program requirements. Months before your J-1 students arrive, make sure you are discussing and seeking out housing options with them. As your J-1 students’ employer, you are the best resource for finding housing before your J1 students arrive. If you do not have your own rentals available, please help your J-1 students secure other kinds of housing. This may include one of the following: apartment, cabin, trailer, motel room, condo, town house or a room in a home. These types of housing are often shared, rent prices are arranged with the owner of the seasonal rental property and rent is typically paid on a weekly basis.


*NOTE: All seasonal J-1 housing in Old Orchard Beach should be licensed, inspected and approved by the Town’s Code Enforcement Office.

2) Stay In Regular Contact With Your Sponsor

Your Summer Work & Travel Sponsor Organization will be your most valuable connection before your J-1 students arrive. They will be able to help you to understand the hiring process and will assist with any important tasks you must complete before your J-1 students’ Summer Work & Travel experience begins.

3) Communicate With Your J-1 Students During The Off-Season

You are an important point of contact for your J-1 students before they arrive. Topics for discussion may include:


  • Job responsibilities
  • Duration of employment
  • Expected rate of pay and the number of hours of work per week
  • Housing options
  • Arrival date(s)
  • Transportation arrangements for your J-1 students’ arrival
  • Learning about the Old Orchard Beach area