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Begin by connecting with a Summer Work & Travel Sponsor Organization to learn about the steps necessary to become a Host Employer of J-1 students. Once you have chosen a Sponsor Organization, a Program Manager within that organization will assist you with your hiring needs. For more information regarding this topic, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/j1-business-resources/starting-the-process/

Yes! The process to hire J-1 students for the summer season begins in the Fall. To learn more about specific events, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/j1-business-resources/j-1-business-events/

Congratulations on hiring J-1 international students through the Summer Work & Travel program! You are fortunate to be employing J-1 students from around the world. What a great opportunity to learn about other cultures, enhance your staff and establish lasting bonds. To learn more about preparing for your students, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/j1-business-resources/preparing-for-your-students-arrival/

You hold the key to your J-1 students’ positive Summer Work & Travel experience. To learn more about how to help your students once they have arrived, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/j1-business-resources/once-your-students-arrive/

Yes! Encourage your J-1 students to attend local events that have been planned specifically for their benefit as well as to broaden their cultural experiences. For more information regarding this topic, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/j1-events/

  • Look at the diversity among your staff as a gift and promote that everyone take time to learn about each other’s cultures.
  • Train your staff for success and let them know you are available as a resource if they need help understanding work routines, policies, and expectations. 
  • Be positive and keep the lines of communication open and healthy. 
  • Encourage your J-1 students to use their English as much as possible and patiently help them to develop their English skills. 
  • Hold weekly operational meetings and provide feedback to your J-1s about how they are doing on the job; be constructive and always praise that which is praiseworthy.
  • Following your weekly meetings, provide your employees with snacks or lunch. This small act of generosity and kindness will go a long way in building relationships and trust among your very diverse team. 
  • Consider honoring one employee per week with the distinction of “Employee of the Week.” Possibly include giving that employee a small token of appreciation (grocery store gift card, Maine Mall gift card, coffee shop gift card, cash, etc.).
  • Pay your J-1 students as you would any other employee. All J-1 students should be paid weekly or bi-weekly through your payroll system and should be paid the prevailing minimum wage or above.

While your J-1 students are here they will likely have an interest in getting a second job. Although their first priority is always to you as their primary employer, it is certainly okay for J-1 students to get another job as long as it does not conflict with the primary work schedule given to them. For more information regarding this topic, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/j1-business-resources/once-your-students-arrive/

Encourage your J-1 students to enjoy and learn about the area during their time off. Their J-1 Work & Travel experience is truly intended to be a cross-cultural experience with a work component. The “cross-cultural” component is an essential part of the program. Here are some fun ideas for promoting cultural immersion in and around our community: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/50-fun-things/

At the end of a successful and memorable summer with your J-1 students, offer to help them to prepare to go back home. Before they leave there will be a few important tasks to complete. To learn more, visit: https://www.oobmaine.com/department/j1-students/j1-business-resources/preparing-for-your-students-departure/

As a seasonal rental licensee with a property in Old Orchard Beach that has been inspected and approved, you are eligible to rent seasonally to J-1 international students. Each year there is an influx of J-1 international students who need to secure local seasonal housing, typically from mid-June through mid-September. If you are a business owner with an updated temporary seasonal housing business license who would like to advertise your seasonal rental to J-1 international students on our website, please click here.

We are happy to post your job openings under the J-1 Resource Guide for J-1 International Students on our website. To fill out a form with the details of your job opening(s), click here.