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Getting Around Town

Buses & Trolleys

The Biddeford Saco Old Orchard Beach Transit company (BSOOBT) is going to be your best resource for traveling distances in our local communities. Each year J-1 students typically use local buses or trolleys to get to and from work, visit the Social Security office, to go shopping and for appointments. If you know you will be travelling regularly by bus, consider purchasing the Dirigo Pass, which is a pre-loaded pass that you fund by using a debit or credit card. Each time you travel on the bus you scan your card and fares are deducted. For more information on purchasing a Dirigo Pass, visit: https://dirigopass.org


For bus and trolley routes, schedules and other detailed information about BSOOB Transit, visit: https://bsoobtransit.org

Riding The Train

The Amtrak Downeaster is an efficient and comfortable way to travel with 12 stops between Boston, Massachusetts and Brunswick, Maine. The Old Orchard Beach train platform is conveniently located next to the Chamber of Commerce building on 1st street (across from Veteran’s Memorial Park) and operates seasonally.


If you are in Old Orchard Beach and want to purchase train tickets to travel somewhere along the train route, you can purchase tickets using the ticket kiosk inside the Chamber of Commerce building during the Chamber’s hours of operation.


For more detailed information about schedules and purchasing tickets online, visit: https://amtrakdowneaster.com

Riding A Bike

Renting A Bike: Rent a bike for the summer at the Waves Oceanfront Resort located at 87 West Grand Avenue in Old Orchard Beach. Pay $50.00 for the season (plus a $75.00 returnable deposit). *All proceeds from bike rentals go directly toward the Lafayette Family Cancer Institute.



Buying A Bike: If you are thinking about buying an economical bike to get around town while you are here, consider shopping at:


50 Boulder Way, Biddeford, Maine 04005
Phone: (207)-286-9551

430 Mariner Way, Biddeford, Maine 04005
Phone: (207)-284-2510



Repairing Your Bike: Keeping your bike in good shape will help to keep you safe. If you have a bike that needs a tune-up or repairs, contact:


Gorham Bike & Ski
575 Main Street, Saco, Maine 04072
Phone: (207)-283-2453

Bike Safety:


  1. Wear a helmet – Wearing a bicycle helmet while biking could prevent brain injuries or even save your life in the event of an accident. Always wear a certified helmet when riding a bike. Make sure it fits properly and never wear a damaged helmet. For more information on how to “love your brain”, and to learn about the foundation that has provided local J-1 students with free bicycle helmets at our J-1 Orientations, please visit: https://www.michaelgouletfoundation.org/
  2. Ride a bike that fits you – Make sure the bike you are riding is properly sized for you. When you sit on your seat, if your feet do not touch the ground, the bike is too big. Riding a bike that is too big for you limits the control you have while riding. 
  3. Ride a bike that is in good condition – Make sure your bike has recently been tuned and has good brakes, tires and bicycle chains. 
  4. Wear bright clothing – Make sure you are visible to cars and people with whom you are sharing the road. In addition to bright clothing, consider wearing reflective gear to help others see you.
  5. Carry your belongings in a string bag or backpack while biking – Keep your hands on the handlebars and do not hold items that can interfere with safely turning your handlebars and using the brakes.
  6. Tuck your shoelaces and pant legs into your shoes – Getting your shoelaces and pants caught in your bicycle chain is a sure way to fall, injure yourself or potentially get into an accident. Plan ahead by tucking your laces and pant legs into your shoes, or wear pants with an elastic cuff.
  7. Ride responsibly – When riding your bike, ride in designated bike lanes or on the side of the road traveling in the same direction as vehicular traffic (do not ride against traffic). Stop at stop lights and stop signs and pay attention to cars that are in turning lanes. Walk your bike across streets, preferably in crosswalks whenever possible. Always keep your hands on your handlebars and do not ride double on a bike that is intended for only one person.
  8. Use lights, reflectors and mirrors – Be sure to have lights on the front of your bike for riding at night. Your bike should also always have reflectors on the front, back and wheels of your bike. Consider also adding a mirror to your handlebars to be able to see traffic behind you.
  9. Yield to pedestrians – While riding your bike be aware of walkers and always keep a safe distance from them.
  10. Check your tires and brakes regularly – Before each time you ride, check your tires for proper tire pressure and make sure your brakes are working correctly. Have a bicycle tire pump handy at all times. Also consider keeping a bicycle tube and repair kit in a bike bag in case of a flat tire.


Walk safely: You will definitely be doing a lot of walking during your stay in Old Orchard Beach. Please keep yourself safe by following these safety tips while walking our local streets:


  • Always walk on a sidewalk whenever possible.
  • If there is an area with no sidewalks, walk facing traffic.
  • Get in the habit of using crosswalks when crossing the street – by law, cars should stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk to let them safely cross a street.
  • If you are walking on a road with a group of friends, walk in single file.
  • Be visible; wear bright clothing, especially at night.
  • Always try to walk with someone else at night – there is safety in numbers.
  • Keep your eyes on traffic and the road – do not look at your cell phone when walking in an area with streets and traffic.
  • Yield to bicyclists and runners – move out of the way when possible to keep them safe, too.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings – if you see someone suspicious change your course and head toward a public space.
  • Do not walk for extended periods of time in extreme heat or during extreme weather conditions – know when it’s time to seek shelter.


Enjoy the trails: During your time off you should consider walking, running or biking on our local trails. All offer beauty, exercise and “time with nature.” For your safety, plan to enjoy the trails with a friend or two. Also bring your cell phone, water, snacks, sunscreen and bug spray to protect yourself from Lyme and other insect-borne diseases.

Popular Local Walking/Running and Biking Trails:


Cascade Falls Trail: Historic waterfall popular since the 1800’s. Entrance location: Cascade Road (1/4 mile from Route 1), Saco, Maine 04072


Eastern Trail: 65-mile trail system for biking, walking/running and exploring. Learn more at https://www.easterntrail.org


Ferry Beach State Park: This beautiful state park has an entrance fee but is worth the visit for its nature trails, picnicking and enjoying the beach area. Entrance location: 95 Bay View Road, Saco, Maine 04072


Milliken Mills Trails Park: 68-acre land preserve with 2 miles of walking trails in Old Orchard Beach. Entrance location: 192 Portland Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064


Enjoy the beach – Some of the best walking you can enjoy is at our beautiful & famous 7 miles of beach, especially at low tide. For local tide information, click here: https://www.usharbors.com/harbor/maine/old-orchard-me/tides/