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Winter Operations

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For the purpose of facilitating the removal and plowing of snow, the Director of Public Works or Police Chief may declare a snow emergency and order a no parking ban.  Notice of such ban shall be broadcast as soon as it is reasonably possible along with any alternate parking sites.

The Police Chief or the Director of Public Works may cause to be placed properly marked signs along any street as he shall, from time to time, deem necessary for the removal of snow.  It shall be unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to enter upon or park on any public street or way when a no parking ban has been declared and broadcast or within spaces indicated by signs, if either the Director of Public Works or Police Chief has deemed signs necessary.

All parking bans will be placed on media outlets (Channels 6, 8, 13, and the radio).  Also residents may sign up for email notification of parking bans though our online server.

The town does currently provide designated public parking area for off-street parking during parking bans at Ocean Park Square, Memorial Park, and Milliken St. parking lots.

If your vehicle was parked in violation of the ban and has been towed, please contact the Police Department at 934-4911 for information regarding recovery of the vehicle