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Mailbox Guidelines

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Damaged Mailboxes:

Call DPW as soon as possible at (207) 934.2250.  We will review the current location of your mailbox to make sure it meets the placement guidelines.  Temporarily placing your malbox in a 5 gallon pail will assure your mail still gets delivered.  If your mailbox meets the guidelines, you can then fix the mailbox and send any invoices to the Town of Old Orchard Beach, Department of Public Works, 1 Portland Ave., OOB, ME. 04064.  We will reimburse you for the fee of replacing the mailbox.

Winter Tips:

Our plow drivers are warned to take all precautions to avoid striking mailboxes with the wing of the plow.  Below are some tips for mailbox placement to help reduce the chances of damage during a winter plowing:

  • Place reflective material on the side of the box visible to approaching traffic, also, 4″ high letters to identify the address is recommended to assist emergency vehicles.
  • Mailbox post size must not exceed 4″ by 4″ for a wooden post of 2″ diameter for a steel pipe post for roadside barrier safety. Posts that are more substantial in construction are considered “deadly fixed objects” and are not permitted within the Town Way.
  • Mailboxes should be installed at least 42 inches high to provide clearance for the plow wing.
  • Placing the mailbox on the side of your driveway away from approaching traffic will allow our driver to properly clear the roadway and to get as close as possible to your mailbox to minimize the amount of shoveling you will have to do to clear the mailbox for the postal carrier.
  • For uncurbed roadways, set the mailbox bank at the far edge shoulder to provide the maximum possible roadway clearance. For curded roads, the face of the mailbox should be 8-12 inches bank from the curb face.

Your participation and cooperation in complying with the above will be greatly appreciated by your rural carrier, postal service and Old Orchard Beach Public Works Department.

Read Maine’s Mailbox Policy here.