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Do’s & Don’ts

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In the GardenDO Sweep the gutters and driveways regularly and place the sweepings on the garden, compost, or in the bin.DON’T Hose dirt off hard surfaces (roads, paths, driveways) into the gutter
 DO Prevent soil or mulch from being washed or blown off the gardenDON’T Hose leaves and grass clippings  into the gutter
 DO Rake up leaves or lawn clippings and use them as mulch on the garden or place them in the compostDON’T Pile sand or soil on areas where it can wash into the storm water system
 DO Grass or re-plant areas of disturbed soilDON’T Overuse chemicals (pesticides) that could be washed into storm water from the garden or yard
 DO Consider natural alternatives to pest control chemicalsDON’T Use too much fertilizer
In the StreetDO Pick up litter in the park or on the streetDON’T Drop packaging or cigarette butts on the ground
 DO Clean up pet droppings and dispose of them in the garden, rubbish bins, or in the toiletDON’T Leave rubbish where bins are already full.
With the CarDO Maintain the car, making sure there are no leaks and that fuel is burnt ‘cleanly’ by keeping your car tunedDON’T Work on your car (including oil changing) in a place where oil and grease may wash into gutters
 DO Use the minimum amount of detergent for cleaning outside, and wash your car on the grass or on gravel. A better option is to take your car to a car wash where the water is recycledDON’T Wash the car in the street or paved driveway using detergent.
RenovationDO Keep paints, tarps and solvents clear of gutters or drainsDON’T Hose sand, gravel or cement into the gutter
 DO Allow unused paint to dry out and then put in the garbageDON’T Dump paints, oils, and other hazardous wastes down the storm drains