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Local Neighborhood Watch


NEXT NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH MEETING.  Monday November 7th, 2022 from 6:30pm -8:00pm

The next Neighborhood watch meeting will be held at the Old Orchard Beach Police Department Community Room  

Meetings are open to all residents of OOB and Ocean Park.

  • Bring a Neighbor!!
  • Bring your ideas and concerns.
  • Let’s find solutions to these issues
  • Make a difference, by getting involved
  • Guest Speakers
  • PD Officer in attendance with updates and useful information
  • Handouts Available
  • Town Manager Diana Asanza and Police Chief Elise Chard will be in attendance.  Hear about their new roles within the community.  

Round Robin: Open to all, time to speak up regarding issues in your neighborhoods. We do not intend to allow the meeting to stray much beyond the purpose of the Neighborhood Watch and safety issues.  Please be respectful, speak in turn, give everyone a chance to speak and practice listening.  Respect     others opinions… do not attack another’s intention or ideas.


  • Reduces costs and crime.
  • Increases Community awareness and participation.
  • Instills in the residents and children to cooperatively work with the police.
  • Be the “eyes and ears” for the OOBPD.
  • When the town is involved with Neighborhood Watch we become a safer place and develop a stronger sense of community pride.

“See something? Say Something!”

National Neighborhood Watch

National Neighborhood Watch — Division of the National Sheriffs’ Association