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Hunting or Fishing (freshwater and/or saltwater) in Maine?

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To hunt or fish (freshwater) you must have a license.  Below is the link for the IF&W website.  You can purchase licenses through this website, but there are several other IF&W forms available as well, and laws regarding hunting/fishing in the State of Maine.

Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website

If you want to saltwater fish in the tidal waters (including Old Orchard Beach), you must register with the State of Maine.  Below is the link to the Department of Marine Resources.  You can register through this website (with a credit card) or you can stop by the Town Clerk’s Office.  Also, it will list all those that are exempt from registering.  Note, if you purchase a freshwater fishing license, you are automatically registered for a saltwater fishing license for the remainder of the calendar year by answering a survey question; therefore, you do not need to register for a saltwater fishing license separately.

Maine Department of Marine Resources

The Town Clerk’s Office accepts credit cards/debit cards, checks and cash.  Keep in mind there is a surcharge of 2.65% (minimum of $3.00) to use your credit card with the Town.