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Scheduling an Inspection

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To schedule an inspection, please call Alex at (207) 937-5633.

Inspection requests need to be requested at least two business days prior to the date needed, depending on the season.  After receiving any Building, Plumbing, and/or Electrical Permits, the applicant or contractor is required to notify the Code Enforcement Dept. to schedule an inspection of the work performed.

Business License Inspections:

After completing a Business License application, and submitting to Licensing Clerk, schedule an inspection with the Inspections Clerk.  If the Business License application is received by mail, the Inspections Clerk will call the applicant to schedule the inspection.

At the inspection, the assigned Code Officer will determine if the business is in compliance with all applicable codes, noting any deficiencies.  If a re-inspection is necessary for corrected deficiencies, the applicant must re-schedule with the Inspections Clerk.  Any subsequent re-inspections to correct deficiencies will be assessed an additional fee of $50 per inspection.

If the inspection is satisfactory, the Licensing Department will proceed with the application process.  All projects require a Final Inspection prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.