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Building, Electrical,Plumbing, Sewer Connection and Sign Permit Applications

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Types of Projects

Over-the-Counter Projects:

  • Projects that are limited in their scope of construction and complexity may be reviewed for all applicable requirements with the applicant at the counter.

Standard Projects:

  • Projects of moderate size or complexity that may not require board review, public hearings or site plans, but require additional staff review.

Complex Projects:

  • Projects distinguished by their size, complexity, or impact that require detailed review by multiple Town departments, Planning Board, environmental and site review and public hearings.

Plan Check Submittals

Over-the-Counter Plans:

  • Require 2 sets of plans

Standard Plans:

  • Require 2 sets of complete plans at each submittal, and a copy of any additional reports as determined by Code Enforcement.

Complex Plans:

  • Requiring more extensive reviews must complete appropriate zoning ordinance applications, and submit plans as required in each application.

Multi-Family Plans:

  • When applying for a permit to alter, repair or rehabilitate a multi-family residential structure, the applicant shall disclose the status of the building occupancy.

Obtaining a Permit

For a Construction Permit, you must have first completed any required plan review process for your Over-the-Counter, Standard, or Complex Project.  Once all requirements are completed, the property owner or a contractor may proceed with the permit process.

Contractors Must Provide:

  • Letter of Authorization if the applicant is not the property owner;
  • Plumbers and Electricians must be licensed by the State of Maine.

Owner/Builders Must Provide:

  • Owner/Builder verification form with original signature from the owner of the building;
  • Poof of ownership if recent transfer or if owner is a company/corporation or trust; and
  • Letter of Authorization from the owner if applicant is a tenant or authorized agent.

Types of Permits

Property owners are responsible for obtaining the appropriate permit when any of the following work is performed on their property.  All permit applications must be accompanied by Proof of Insurance for all contractors performing any work at an address in O.O.B.  Typical insurance certificates will show “Liability” coverage, and “Workers Compensation” for contractors with hired employees.

Building Permit:

  • Construct, alter, or remove a building or structure (siding, ect.)
  • Complete removal of a structure of building (demolition).

Electrical Permit:

  • Construct, alter or remove an electrical system.

Plumbing Permit:

  • Construct, alter, or remove a plumbing system.

Sign Permit:

  • Construct, alter or remove an existing sign.

Inspections Procedure

Please call (207) 937-5633 or (207) 937-5645 to schedule Construction or Permit Inspections.

Permits expire if the project is not started within 6 months of receiving the permit and must be completed within 2 years, or the permit must be extended at an additional charge.

Certificates of Occupancy will not be granted without receiving inspections as outlined.  Regardless of the circumstances, Certificates of Occupancy must be received before the space may be occupied.

The applicant is required to notify the Inspections Office of the following inspections providing adequate notice:

Inspection TypeWhen to Notify
Footings/SonotubesPrior to placing concrete
FoundationPrior to backfilling
Under Slab UtilitiesPrior to backfill & concrete placement
Rough FramingPrior to insulation & wall enclosure
Rough PlumbingPrior to insulation & wall enclosure
Rough ElectricalPrior to insulation & wall enclosure
Septic Tank & FieldBottom of bed prior to system &
Entire system prior to covering
SiteworkDuring final C. of O. inspection
Final/Certificate of OccupancyPrior to any occupancy
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