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Social Security Office

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Social Security Office

The Social Security Office is where you will need to go to initiate the process for obtaining your Social Security card. The Social Security Office has a new online Social Security card application process. Following this process will result in getting your Social Security card faster. To apply, you must be at least age 18 and have a U.S. mailing address to receive your mail. To access the online Social Security card application, use your mobile device or computer and go to https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/. Please be sure all the information on the application is filled out correctly including your name, date of birth and the mailing address where you will get mail.

Once you have carefully completed the online Social Security card application and have submitted it, you must set up an appointment to visit the Social Security Office in Saco, Maine. When you go to your appointment, make sure you have brought with you your passport and all of your original work & travel documents, plus copies of these documents. Make sure to also print or write down your online application control number and bring it with you to your appointment. This will help the person who is helping you at the Social Security Office to retrieve your online application more quickly.


After the Social Security Administration verifies your documents and completes your request, you will receive your Social Security card in the mail within 14 business days.


*As long as you have your receipt from the Social Security Office showing you have applied for your Social Security number, your employer can still pay you while you are waiting for your Social Security card to arrive.

Your Local Social Security Administration Is Located At:

Social Security Administration

110 Main Street – #1450, Saco, Maine 04072

Phone: 1-(800)-772-1213

Hours: Monday-Friday from 9 am – 4 pm