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Police Department

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Police Department

The Old Orchard Beach Police Department’s mission is to work in partnership with the community to ensure that all laws are fairly and equitably enforced, that all of the town’s inhabitants are treated with courtesy and respect, and that Old Orchard Beach is a safe place for residents and guests to live. The department’s competent, friendly and professional staff is currently led by Police Chief Elise Chard and each member is dedicated to serving and safeguarding our community.


We certainly hope that your stay here is safe, but sometimes there are emergencies, and during an emergency you should call the police.

Please call 911 (or ask someone to call 911) immediately if you see or experience any of the following emergencies:


  • Fires
  • Smoke in a building
  • Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide or other alarms sounding
  • Car accidents
  • Life threatening situations
  • Medical emergencies
  • Mental health emergencies such as suicidal thoughts
  • Injuries requiring medical attention
  • Hazardous chemical spills
  • If you see someone being hurt by someone else
  • If someone has hurt you
  • Sexual assault
  • Drug or alcohol overdoses
  • If you witness a theft or someone breaking into a home or business
  • If someone has broken into your home

*Important: Please do not dial 911 for non-emergencies. Examples of non-emergencies include minor illness, getting information, or power outages in your home. Dialing 911 for non-emergencies can tie up the emergency line and take away from a 911 dispatcher being able to help others who have a real emergency.

Old Orchard Beach Police Department Contact Information:

Old Orchard Beach Police Department

16 Emerson Cummings Boulevard, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064

Emergency Phone Number: 911

Police Department Non-Emergency Phone Number: (207)-934-4911

Website: https://www.ooobmaine.com/department/police-department/