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Old Orchard Beach is world famous for its 7 miles of white sand. Our beach can be an amazing resource for you to relax, unwind, swim, surf, walk, take photos, play and enjoy time with friends. Take advantage of our lovely beach while you are here!


When at the beach, remember to enjoy it safely! Please follow these important safety guidelines:


  • Always swim with someone else.
  • Be visible to the lifeguards when they are on duty. Old Orchard Beach has drastic high and low tides with ever-changing conditions; the water can be a powerful force, especially after a storm or on windy days.
  • Pay attention to rip currents. If the lifeguard stands have red flags on them, this means that there are rip current conditions in the water. If you get caught in a rip current, don’t panic and don’t swim against the current. Instead, swim with the current parallel to the beach.
  • Wear sunscreen! The strong summer sun can cause severe sunburns if you are in the sun for extended periods of time without applying sunscreen.
  • Hydrate regularly on a hot day to prevent dehydration and sun stroke.
  • If you dig holes in the sand, when you are done, fill them up to prevent cave-ins.
  • Be aware of what is in the water. You are sharing it with marine life and occasionally during warmer weather there can be shark sightings. If you think you have spotted a shark, please call 911 or tell a lifeguard immediately.