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The OOBMITS Committee has held four fundraising events: Two Haunted History Walks of Old Orchard Street, a Got OOB Memories event at the Brunswick, and Historical Poster Sales.

Got OOB Memories?


The OOBMITS Committee received a very generous donation of over 60 historic photos taken by George Coe. An event was held in March of 2017 for you to join the committee and help to remember those special times.

First Annual Haunted History Walk of Old Orchard Street

A Haunted History walk of Old Orchard Street was held in October of 2016 to raise funds for the project. It was a historical walk with a haunted twist and we had a great turnout! Attendees learned stories about how OOB was settled, the Hotel Velvet, the Pier and Casino Ballroom, Dave the Guesser, the Town Hall parking lot, the Staples Inn, the Brunswick and even a reported UFO encounter!!

Historical Posters

We’re so excited – Our limited edition fundraising posters are ready!! They look great framed for your home or rental. Collect them all – Don’t miss your chance to get yours! FMI click on the “Purchase your Poster Here!!” link to the left of this page. Poster sales will allow us to continue to produce our brochures to guide the MITS tour.

Second Annual Haunted History Walk of Old Orchard Street

Our Second Annual Haunted History Walk was held on Saturday, November 4th, 2017. The walk took participants down Old Orchard Street and ended at the Brunswick. It included a special appearance by Charles Lindbergh and others!

Our Goal

The fundraising goal for the project was $25,000 and we met our goal on December 31, 2017! 

We are still accepting donations to help with the production of brochures to guide the tour and to maintain our panel maintenance fund.

Send us an email, call us, or message us on our Facebook for more information on upcoming events.