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About the Panels

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The OOBMITS project contains 28 panels in the Old Orchard Street vicinity, Ocean Park and Salvation Army area with one larger introductory panel by Milliken Street.

The individual site panels contain photos and a description of each of the sites and the larger introductory panel contains a map of the entire tour and a brief description on Museum in the Streets©.

Panel Description:

  • Site Panels measure 20×20 inches.
  • Introductory Panels measure 48×64 inches.
  • Panels are made from Formica and guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Panels include historical photos, with a written history in both English and French.

In December of 2017, all 28 panels were sponsored!! Public Works Staff worked diligently in a very tight timeframe to install all of the panels for our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on June 14, 2018.

We are still accepting general project donations to help replenish our maintenance fund as well as continue to produce brochures to guide the project.

Panels & Sponsors: 

PANEL #1: Staples Inn (This panel is sponsored by The Law Office of Guy D. Loranger) 
PANEL #2: Josephine Goss Home/Harmon Museum (This panel is sponsored by The Harmon Museum)
PANEL #3: Grand View Inn (This panel is sponsored by Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution) 
PANEL #4: Diversity in OOB: Conflict, Connection and Community (This panel is dedicated to Libby Blackman a life beautifully lived
PANEL #5: Town Hall (This panel is dedicated to Fire Chief Donald Roy and his wife, Donna by their loving family)
PANEL #6: Seaside Park (This panel is sponsored by Lafayette Hotels) 
PANEL #7: Alberta Hotel (This panel is sponsored by Pier French Fires, Bill’s Pizza, Dairy Queen and Whitehall, Inc.)
PANEL #8: Velvet Hotel (This panel is sponsored by State Senator Justin Chenette for the next generation in Old Orchard Beach
PANEL #9: 1907 Fire (This panel is sponsored by the Pelletier Family at the Sea Cliff House Motel)
PANEL #10: Noah’s Ark (This panel is sponsored by Linda Cornish Rioux in Honor of Aurora Plourde Cornish) 
PANEL #11: The Fiske Hotel (This panel is sponsored by Michael and Linda Mailhot)
PANEL #12: Auto Races (This panel is sponsored by Archie and Paul St. Hilaire and Kenneth Blow)
PANEL #13: The Pier (This panel is sponsored by The Golzbein Family, The Pier)
PANEL #14: Seashore House (This panel is dedicated to the residents and visitors of Old Orchard Beach by Palace Playland Associates, LLC)
PANEL #15: Boston and Maine Train Depot (This panel is sponsored by Michael and Linda Mailhot) 
PANEL #16: How “Libby Library” Came to Be… (This panel is sponsored by The Old Orchard Beach Free Public Library Association in support of sharing the rich history of our community.)
PANEL #17: Old Orchard House (This panel is sponsored by Michael and Linda Mailhot)
PANEL #18: Saint Margaret’s Church (This panel is sponsored by The Rev. J.J. Mullen Council Knights of Columbus) 
PANEL #19: Everett Hotel (This panel is sponsored by The Salvation Army)
PANEL #20: I.O.O.F. Building (This panel is sponsored by Michael and Linda Mailhot)
PANEL #21: Palace Ballroom (This panel is dedicated to the residents and visitors of Old Orchard Beach by Palace Playland Associates, LLC)
PANEL #22: Montreal House/Beachwood Motel (This panel is sponsored by The Cloutier Family) 
PANEL #23: Brunswick Hotel (This panel is sponsored by The Lacasse Family and the Dedicated Staff of the Brunswick) 
PANEL #24: The Campgrounds (This panel is sponsored by The Salvation Army)
PANEL #25: Furber Park & Demeritt Square – Ocean Park (This panel was donated by The O’Leary and Baker Families in honor of Roy and Ruth Baker who maintained Furber Park for decades
PANEL #26: Sleep, Eat, and Play in Ocean Park C. 1900 (This panel was donated in honor of all the Music Makers in Ocean Park by one of them) 
PANEL #27: Recreation in Ocean Park (This panel was donated by The Keene, Whitney, and Wilson Families to honor all of those who love playing tennis in Ocean Park)
PANEL #28: Chautauqua-By-The-Sea-Ocean Park (This panel was donated by Ocean Parkers with Happy Memories and in celebration of the history and future of Ocean Park)