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About the Committee

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Establishment & Goals:

The very first meeting of the OOBMITS Committee was held in October of 2015. The committee is made up of ten volunteers who are very dedicated to bringing Museum in the Streets to Old Orchard Beach.

This project was researched and funded by a dedicated group of volunteers and organizations including: The Harmon Museum, Libby Memorial Library, Ocean Park Association, Chamber of Commerce, OOB High School, Town Offices and local businesses/residents.

Project Organizers wanted to bring Museum in the Streets to OOB for the purpose of preserving and telling the story about our past, educating our youth and to bring forth our history to tourists and residents alike instilling a deep sense of community pride.

The 28 panels in English and French guide participants through our streets that were once lined with vast hotels, amusements as well as buildings that still exist today. Participants will walk down Old Orchard Street towards the Town Square/Beach and head down West Grand Ave towards Ocean Park where they will find 4 additional panels and should bike to one panel up at the Seaside Pavilion in the center of Town.

Organizers hope the project will encourage participants to visit the Harmon Museum and Libby Memorial Library/Ocean Park Memorial Library to learn more about the Towns rich history.