OOB Community Friendly Connection (OOBCFC)

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Let us introduce you to "OOB Community Friendly Connection" or OOBCFC for short.  Assistant Town manager, Louise Reid, is the Chair, with Helene Whittaker and Pat Brown as joint facilitators of the Core Group which includes participants from Town Government, the Chamber of Commerce, and organizations throughout OOB.  Our Mission Statement defines the focus of OOBCFC:

Mission Statement:
OOB Community Friendly Connection (OOBCFC) seeks to enhance a vibrant, all-inclusive community providing a great place to live, work, play and do business by:
  • Creating opportunity for a safer and simpler life;
  • Upholding high community standards;
  • Embracing our history and culture;
  • Fostering year round business success, and;
  • Empowering residents and enriching relationships.