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Directions to Use the Online GIS Mapping System

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Step One: 

Right Click here and select “open link in a new tab” to open the online GIS.

Step Two: 

Once you open the online GIS and click “I agree,” you will see a highlighted map of Old Orchard Beach. Click “Search” on the left side of the page.  

Step Three: 

After you’ve clicked on “Search” a menu will pop up that says “Search by Parcel number, Owner, or Address” type your address into this box. For example, if your address is “204 West Grand Avenue” type in “204 West Grand” and scroll down until you see your parcel. Once you see your parcel on the menu, click on it and it will zoom in to your property and highlight it. 

Step Four: 

On the left side of the screen you’ll see a tab that says “layers.” Click on this and a menu will pop up. In this menu check the box next to “Flood Zones” and click on the plus (+) symbol. You’ll notice, if your property is located in a flood zone that some color was added to the map like the image below for 204 West Grand Ave.

There are two options on the sidebar menu: FEMA Preliminary 2017 and FEMA 2009 Q3. The FEMA 2009 Q3 is the effective digital information from FEMA. The FEMA Preliminary 2017 are the Preliminary maps that were released in April. To see the difference between the 2017 maps and the Q3 maps you can check/un-check the boxes located to the left of each menu item. 

If you have any questions on how to use the Online GIS, please contact the Code/Planning Office.