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Dog Licenses & Ordinances

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Dog Licenses

All dogs 6 months and older must have a license.  If you become the owner of a dog 6 months or older, the dog must be licensed by January of each year.

In order to obtain a license for your dog, you need to obtain a Rabies Certificate from your veterinarian to prove your dog is current on its rabies shots.  You must also show proof of spay/neutering, either a certificate with a certificate number or a letter from a vet stating that the animal was examined, and found to be altered.

The cost for a spayed/neutered dog is $6.00 per year, and $11.00 per year for a dog that is not spayed/neutered.

Read the Town’s Dog Ordinances here.

Dog Park Rules

The Town of Old Orchard Beach has a Dog Park, located in Memorial Park on First Street.  The town has fenced off and set aside for use as a “dog park,” where dogs are allowed to run and play under the supervision of responsible adults.  Dogs are allowed to be off-leash within the dog park and, provided all rules and regulations of this ordinance are complied with, shall not be considered “running at large” under the Old Orchard Beach Ordinance relating to dog control.