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Zoom information for Public Comment

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Meeting Attendees will be asked to follow  the appropriate steps to speak during public comments.

All Zoom meeting links will be posted on the meeting agendas.  Meetings will be streamed on the Town’s  Facebook page as well.

Council and select boards & committees (outlined below). To find the passcode…

  • For Council: The passcode will be listed along with the public join information at Town Council Agendas . Panelists will not need a passcode if they use their unique join-link.
  • For boards & committees: Check the board web page; if not listed there, reach out to the chair or staff liaison.
    • Note: The Communications Team does not manage all Boards & Commission meetings. Information on meeting links will be made available in the agendas when applicable.

Please note: The Zoom passcode is completely different than your personal Zoom password. Never share your password with anyone.

From Zoom:

How will Passcodes affect participants joining the meeting via web, desktop or mobile client?
If you have selected Passcodes as your security method, a Passcode will be embedded into the meeting link automatically (unless you have specifically disabled this feature). With a single click, your meeting participants can join the meeting. If someone manually enters the meeting ID, they will also need to manually enter the Passcode.

Have questions or need clarity? Contact Fran Beaulieu at fbeaulieu@oobmaine.com or Jen Hayes at jhayes@oobmaine.com .