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Business License Renewal Update

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To All Business Owners:  On April 5, 2022, the Town Council voted to change our License Administration Fees.  The initial license application fee is now $500.00 and the 2-year renewal fee is also now $500.00.  We are currently in the process of revising our database of licenses, and hope to send out the Renewal Invoices by mid-May.  

J1 Exchange Visitor Reminder: For business owners providing housing to Exchange Visitors, please keep in mind that Town Council amended the seasonal housing ordinance in 2019.  The changes address living space density, bathrooms per occupants, and common areas.  As a host, you are required to have a current rental license in accordance with Chapter 34-Housing Division 3. Sec. 34-91 (c).  Please contact the Code Department 207.937.5633 or 207.937.5645 if you have any questions.