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Winter Storm Safety

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Old Orchard Beach Fire Department

Office of Emergency Management

Winter Storm Safety Reminders

  • Essential travel only
  • Respect road closures, barricades and caution tape
  • Be mindful of plow trucks and emergency vehicles
  • Do not become part of the emergency
  • Pull to the side of the road
  • Choose an alternate route if possible
    • If you have to go past an emergency scene go slow, provide as much distance between you and emergency vehicles as safely possible
  • If your vehicle become stranded/stuck
    • Keep your exhaust pipe clear
    • Keep your hazard flashers on and clear of snow
      • Have supplies in your car
      • Blankets
      • Snacks
      • Charger for phone
  • With high winds there is always a possibility for power lines to fall and cause power outages
    • No line is safe to touch
      • Respect the barricades or caution tape
      • Even if there are not lights on – it is possible that an improperly installed generator is back feeding the power line
    • If you are using space heaters during the outage, keep all combustibles away from the appliance
    • Make sure your generator exhaust is clear from blowing snow and away from the house.
  • Any storm surge or coastal flooding poses unseen hazards
    • Respect the barricades and warnings
    • Street flooding
      • In coastal communities the standing salt water a few blocks back from beach is not uncommon
    • Roadway erosion
    • Strong tide and larger waves can happen at random intervals