Telephone scam alert


Press Release

The Old Orchard Beach Police Department has received several calls from residents in reference to what is believed to be a telephone scam.   The calls are from people who claim to work for the Police Officer Association Fundraiser or Police Action Fund. During other phone calls the caller has claimed to be with a police related fundraiser but not given specifics.  The Orchard Beach Police Department is not associated with these organizations in any way. These are all believed to be telephone scams targeting people to provide funds or financial information claiming it is for a donation.  It is unknown if these scam call are related at this time.     

Use caution when receiving calls of this nature and do not give out personal or financial information of any kind.  Please contact the Old Orchard Beach Police Department Directly at 207-934-4911 for verification of a police related fundraiser or questions regarding any suspicious calls you may receive.

Captain David Hemingway

Old Orchard Beach Police Department

16 E Emerson Cummings Blvd

Old Orchard Beach Maine 04064