Important Update on the FEMA Map Appeal Process




The Town’s consulting engineer, Ransom Engineers and Scientists, completed their analysis of the proposed FEMA floodplain maps and filed a formal appeal on 26 October 2018.  This appeal is based upon the town’s possession of information that is scientifically more correct than the information utilized by FEMA in development of the proposed floodplain maps. The Town’s appeal includes changes to FEMA’s determination of Base Flood Elevations (BFE) in AE and VE flood zones and the extent of flood zoned area.  Basically, BFE’s are decreased and flood zone extent is reduced.  The Town formally requests that FEMA incorporate the corrected information included in the appeal.

Is my property included in the Town’s appeal?  Based on our initial review of the maps prepared by Ransom (map link below) your property will be included if:

  1. It is located between the farthest reach of the blue area and the red dotted line.  If your property or a portion of your property is located in this area it is proposed, as part of the appeal, to be removed from FEMA’s proposed flood zone designation.
  2. It is in the blue area and the number in white, next to two letters (AE or VE), is less than the number in red. For example, the number in white is VE “13” and the number in red is VE “15”.  This number is the BFE.  If your property or a portion of your property is in an area where the proposed number decreases it will remain in a flood zone but, if the appeal is successful, will see a decrease in its BFE.

If your property is located in the blue area and the BFE’s are not changing it will not be included in this appeal. The Town is asking FEMA to understand that time limitations posed by the 90-day appeal period limits the Town’s ability to comprehensively analyze and possibly revise all proposed flood zones, and that FEMA consider making additional revisions consistent with the corrected information presented in the Town’s appeal.

To Access the Appeal Information directly, please click on one of the links below:

Click here to access the appeals report directly.

Click here to access the appeals map directly.

We expect to hear the appeal results during the latter part of December 2018.  

The Old Orchard Beach website has floodplain resources available at Any questions please contact the OOB Planning and Code office at (207) 934-5714 ext 1533 or