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Comprehensive Plan Committee
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Board Members
Expiration Dates
Jean Leclerc
Thomas Mourmouras
Lou Valentine, Chair
Winthrop Winch, Vice-Chair
John Bird
Jason Webber, Secretary

Help Us Map Old Orchard Beach’s Next 10 Years


Welcome to the Comprehensive Plan Survey!  Please click on the link above for the Comp Plan Survey!!


About the Comprehensive Plan


The Comprehensive Plan is the official document that describes and illustrates a vision for the future economic, social and physical characteristics of our town in the years ahead and outlines policies and guidelines to implement that vision.  This survey will help create the foundation to which we’ll build our 10 year vision of OOB.  We all have a stake in the town’s future and it is through this survey where your opinion and feedback will be considered and applied to the future growth and development of our town.


Survey Instructions


Please take a few minutes and provide your thoughts on the following questions.  We have left room for commentary but feel free to attach additional pages if you’d like to tell us more!  If there is more than one person in the household that would like to take the survey, you may photocopy,  or contact town hall at 934-5714 ext. 217 for additional copies.


When finished your may return the survey to the Comprehensive Planning Committee in a number of different ways.  Instructions follow at the end of the Survey.  Please return by October 11, 2011.   


Thank you for your participation!

ROLE OF THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN (excerpt from current plan)

        “The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for managing the change that a community undergoes.  The Plan serves many functions.  It is an expression of the community’s vision of its future.  It is also a guide to making the many public and private decisions that determine that determine Old Orchard Beach’s Future.  It is a source of basic information about the natural resources and built environment of the community.  Finally, it is the legal foundation of the Town’s land use controls.

        The Comprehensive Plan is not a zoning ordinance, nor is it a law of any kind.  To the contrary, the plan is an advisory document setting out the community’s goals for the future and policies and programs necessary to move the Town in the direction of its goals.  In its broadest form, it is a road map that can be used by the Town’s elected and appointed officials to steer the Town on an agreed-upon course.  In its narrow former, it serves as the legal basis for any land use regulations adopted by the Town.”